Our Preschool program is taught by one of our University trained Early Childhood teachers.

So what exactly does it involve?

  • Name writing, pencil grip (known as tripod or pincer grip), cutting/scissor skills, manipulation
  • Literacy an Numeracy sills (number and letter recognition), shapes, colours, etc
  • Concepts such as positions, opposites, sequencing, encouraging them to ask questions– who, why, how?
  • Social skills– developing confidence and the skills they need to interact with others and to grow to become the individual child that they are.
  • Self help skills– toileting, lunch boxes– opening them and items on their own, dressing themselves, shoes and socks etc
  • Lengthening group times to extend their level of concentration.
  • Cutting down rest times and encouraging relaxation time instead.
  • Exposure to scientific concepts, addition and subtraction
  • Weekly News / show and tell.
  • Computer literacy skills
  • This is all done through fun learning experiences based on children’s likes and interests and what is happening at home and the world they live in.