In order to prepare children in the years before school, we offer a comprehensive school readiness program delivered by qualified and highly experienced Early Childhood Teachers.

All learning is tailored specifically to each child, based on their interests, strengths and learning styles. In addition, our program is supplemented by various educational incursions and excursions held on a regular basis.

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Our program is designed to maximise learning outcomes for all children and covers the following concepts and areas of development:

  • STEM- science, technology, engineering and mathematics

  • Language and literacy

  • Creative arts, music, movement and drama

  • Design and construction

  • Social and emotional- self-help skills, confidence and a strong sense of identity

  • Physical, active and nature play

  • Project work

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Young Hearts

We have many connections with our local community but the one we are most proud of is our “Young Hearts” Program. Founded in 2015, this Program involves Preschool children walking to our local nursing home, Feros Village Wommin Bay and interacting with the residents though planned experiences, music and movement and morning tea. The benefits for all involved are truly beautiful!

Social Skills

Learning social skills in early childhood is just as, if not more important than learning numeracy and literacy. It is certainly of the utmost importance for a child’s future development. Smiley Tots uses two programs to help develop these skills to ensure your child reaches their full potential and confidence in who they are in this world.


PALS or Playing and Learning to Socialise, introduces children to essential social skills by allowing them to solve problems which often arise in everyday life. These problems are delivered as fun stories presented through puppets, video scenarios, probing questions, role play activities and songs. Each week we teach a different social skill:

  • Greeting others

  • Taking turns & sharing

  • Talking, listening, playing

  • Asking for help

  • Identifying feelings

  • Empathy

  • Overcoming fear & anxiety

  • Managing frustration

  • Calming down

  • Speaking up

You Can Do It

The You Can Do IT (YCDI) program is designed to strengthen social, personal and performance capabilities, with a particular focus on dealing with stress and promoting well-being.

With the aid of puppets, this program teaches social-emotional skills and helps each child:

  • Be Confident

  • Be Persistent

  • Be Organised

  • Get Along with others & make new friends

  • Cope with life’s disappointments & strong emotions

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