Qualified and Nurturing Early Childhood Educators

With decades of experience between them, our Smiley Tots Early Childhood Educators certainly do have a passion for early childhood education and making a difference in the lives of children.

Our team has been carefully handpicked and developed to ensure only educators who share our vision and philosophy are chosen which ensures a strong and cohesive team.

Owner and Director Brooke, ensures a positive, supportive and fun work environment. In return, the Centre boasts low staff turnover and long-term educators who love where they work. The result is a wonderful family atmosphere and the development of strong relationships and lasting bonds with families and their children.


Co-owner, Approved Provider & Nominated Supervisor
Bachelor or Early Childhood Teaching

I have worked at smiley tots since way back in 2000. My favourite part of being the director/owner is the relationships I have with my team of educators, families and their children. I love to laugh, spend time with family and friends, and to camp and travel. I am happiest when I am eating food, talking about food or thinking about food.

Erin Smiley Tots owner


Co-owner & Approved Provider

I’m the co-owner of Smiley Tots with my sister Brooke who is the director at Smiley Tots. It brings me so much joy and wonder to see the world through the bright lense of a child. I love to be surrounded by parents and children in our vast community and I myself am a mother of two beautiful girls. I ground myself in the beauty of everyday nature and enjoy a great outback adventure! I’m a devout foodie, a serious bookworm and love to be beside the ocean in the sunshine!

Bri Smiley Tots staff


Nominated Supervisor & Educational Leader
Bachelor or Early Childhood Teaching

I grew up on a dairy farm on the Mid North Coast and moved to this area to chase my dream of being an Early Childhood Teacher which I began in 2002. My favourite thing to do with children is to watch how they create their own representations of the ideas they hold about the world around them through play and creativity. What makes me happiest is living by the beach and starting the day with a meditation by the water.


Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching

I’ve been the Smiley Tots Preschool ECT, leading their curriculum and program, since 2019. I love being part of each child’s learning journey and educating children as they make meaning of the world around them. My aim is to facilitate learning so that children can become competent, capable and resilient citizens of the world. My favourite pastimes are spending time with my family and enjoying the beautiful swimming spots along the coast.

Beck Smiley Tots staff


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I absolutely love my job and have worked at smiley Tots since 2007. I love my relationships with the children and our Smiley Tots family and feel extremely blessed to be part of every child’s learning journey. My favourite thing to do with children is to engage in creative play and to encourage a love for nature. What makes me happiest is to be with my soul mate of 28 years, my 2 beautiful teenage boys and to live here in paradise!


Cert III in Early Childhood Education & Care

I first started working in the childcare industry almost 20 years ago and what I love most about working with children is being a nurturing presence and allowing them to explore their own individuality. Working with children comes from the heart for me. I have two beautiful boys of my own, Santana and Luca, who have grown into wonderful young adults that I am extremely proud of. My heart is most full when I am able to share love with others!


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I’ve been working in the industry for close to 2 years now inspired by my older sister who also works at Smiley Tots. I love being outdoors in the sunshine, ocean swims, bike rides, travelling (when we can) and my puppy, Barney! I love being able to watch children grow and be so fascinated with the world we live in. Getting dirty and not having a care in the world! And building relationships with families that last a lifetime.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I moved to Tweed from the Sunshine Coast in 2021 but I am originally from England, coming to Australia in 2008. I have worked in early childhood since 2011 and I love getting to know each child and their personalities. I think as educators the connections we build with the children are so important and I enjoy working closely with families to make sure their little ones feel loved, safe and happy. Spending time with my own family is one of my favourite things to do and I am now experiencing what it’s like to be a mummy and unconditionally love my own new baby boy Zade.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I have been an educator since 2010.At present I am studying my Bachelor of Teaching (ECE), through Te Rito Maioha Institute, New Zealand (my home country). As an educator I enjoy supporting and guiding children as they explore their environment, challenging themselves physically and cognitively. I also enjoy building strong relationships, sharing new found interests and most importantly having fun.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I began my childcare journey in 2019 am absolutely adoring it! I love listening to, exploring and creating with the children. Seeing a smile on their faces or making them laugh is always a beautiful highlight of each day. What makes me happiest is spending quality time with my family, walks on our beautiful beaches and, of course, a good iced latte.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I’ve always loved working with children. I like listening to their voices, asking them questions to find out what they’re thinking and investigating. There’s nothing better than watching their smiles and watch they grow as learners. I absolutely love sports and I like going to the beach to connect with nature.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I am a passionate educator with an open-minded philosophy to enhance learning, social skills, imagination, creativity and confidence by providing children with a fun, active and educational program giving them the right tools to reach their full potential in life and within their community in a loving and caring environment. I love keeping fit and healthy by going to the gym. Spending time with my daughter brings me endless joy and happiness.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I love coming to work. Smiley tots is my happy place.  I love the connection with my team and beautiful children and their families. My favourite thing about working with children is the meaningful conversations in our play learning experiences the connection and trust that is formed by listening. The children definitely lead the way and I’m so blessed this is what I do . The things that make my heart smile are simple family , the ocean, dancing like no one’s watching, adventure and a connection to nature. Bare feet are the best.


Cert III in Early Childhood Education & Care

I am a positive and energetic person who tries to make the most of everyday and love to make everyone around me feel loved and special. Laughter is so important to me and seeing people laugh is the best feeling. Since beginning my early childhood career in 2019 I have found it extremely rewarding being able to help guide and watch them grow in all areas of development and I aim to make a positive impact on their lives each and every day. I love engaging with children through play and imagination. I am naturally nurturing and am lucky to be able to use this everyday with the children in my care.

Mel Smiley Tots staff


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I’ve been in the industry since 2012, have my diploma in Children’s services and I love my job! My favourite thing to do with children is exploring and listening to their ideas and spending time talking with them. What makes me happiest is spending time in the sunshine with my friends and family.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I have been in the Childcare industry since 2014 and have learnt a great amount along the way. I have always had a passion for caring, nurturing and engaging with children. It is very rewarding watching each child grow, learn and reach their goals. I am happiest when I am spending time with my son Xavier and exploring this beautiful world we live in.


Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Konnichiwa! My name is Midori which means green in Japanese. I am from Tokyo, the big city in Japan. As soon as I moved to the Tweed area I fell in love with the beautiful beaches that surround the coast. I live with my Italian husband Marco, and our lovely daughter Maia. Together we are the team M! As an educator I enjoy watching children growing in their own individual ways and I love to share my culture and language with them.


Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

I began my career in early childhood in 2019 and love watching the children grow and develop their own unique personalities. My favourite thing to do with the children is messy play and I also love creating small world play environments for them. I’m a very outgoing person who enjoys keeping fit, camping and loves a good chat!


Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Originally from Spain, I have been living in Australia since 2018 and I can’t be more happy- I absolutely adore this country, its nature, wildlife and people. I have been working in childcare from 2020 and I’m currently studying my Diploma. I’m a very nurturing person and passionate about children. Seeing how they grow and develop their amazing personalities is the most rewarding thing for me.

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