Childcare Kingscliff

Smiley Tots is a family owned long day care centre catering for children ages 2-6 years of age.


We believe early childhood is a magical time of learning and discovery where children and educators weave the path of learning together through a combination of spontaneous and planned play opportunities.

We believe in a high quality, play-based program and embed the Early Years
Learning Framework into our everyday practices and curriculum.

We value respect, acceptance, and inclusion.

We acknowledge and respect all cultures including the traditional custodians of our land.

We value our relationship with families and the wider community, which is reflected through our open door policy.

We believe in having fun in a relaxed and friendly environment and this is the key to our positive and happy atmosphere.

Early childhood is a time to be… be messy, be creative, explore, play, learn, laugh, have fun, discover…

Early childhood is a time for children to be children.