At Smiley Tots Preschool & Early Learning, we don’t just have one curriculum for all children. Each of our rooms has qualified and experienced early education experts delivering a tailored, fun and interesting play-based program based on children’s individual needs and interests.

Our flexible programs are sure to keep your child engaged, develop confidence, a strong sense of self, and a love of learning. Educators take great pride in developing each child’s learning portfolio. It shows their journey throughout the year and includes observations and assessments of learning, art, work samples, photos and special events.

Portfolios are available to view in your child’s room at any time. They are presented to the children at the end of the year to promote a sense of accomplishment.

We do not use digital programming and our educators are encouraged to take minimal photos. Instead of having our heads in iPads all day, our educators are engaging with children’s learning and forming meaningful connections and relationships with the children in their care.

Early Years Learning Framework

Belonging, Being and Becoming—those are the goals of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), developed by the Australian and state and territory governments, which underpins all our educational programs. The framework is designed to guarantee all children experience engaging learning and develop essential skills for their future.

It is based on 5 particular learning outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 – Children have a strong sense of identity

  • Outcome 2 – Children are connected with & contribute to their world

  • Outcome 3 – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Outcome 4 – Children are confident & involved learners

  • Outcome 5 – Children are effective communicators

Green Heroes Program

Introducing young children to the wonders of the natural world.

An Early Years journey towards environmental awareness and action. Children will role play, tell stories, create habitats and be involved in meaningful conservation activities. The program aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework and gives priority to sustainability and understanding Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

During the preschool years, children naturally develop a sense of ‘self.’ Research shows that by the age of 7, they have begun to concrete their own moral ideas and attitudes towards the world around them, many of which remain largely unchanged throughout life. During this critical time in a child’s development, regular positive interactions within nature help children to develop respect and a caring attitude towards the environment.

The Sharing Planet Earth program covers three main topic areas:

  • ‘Amazing Australian Animals and their Habitats’

  • ‘Caring for Country’

  • ‘Saving the World Before Bedtime’ (which focuses on taking conservation action).

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